About Us

Business Management
The most important asset in Pohleh Auto Workshop Sdn Bhd is not something we
can put our hands on. The most valuable part of Pohleh Auto Workshop Sdn Bhd is
our team-the human capital- our plans to move our business forward always start
from here. Therefore, Pohleh Auto Workshop places huge investment in human
capital yearly in order for our business to thrive in today's marketplace, and also for
business improvement.
As part of our long-term strategy, we always maintain the skill training budget.
Investment in our team has proved to produce great products, great service, great
relationships and a solid reputation. With our professional and skillful team, we have
made all these come into reality. Besides, Pohleh Auto Workshop Sdn Bhd provides
competitive staffs'remuneration and incentives package as to show their skills, talents
and contributions are appreciated by Pohleh Auto Workshop Sdn Bhd